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Policies and procedures for Friends of Dornwood Foundation approved

On Saturday June 16, the Friends of Dornwood met at the Echo Ridge Community Center. During this meeting several agenda items were discussed. The main item on the agenda was the adoption of the Friends of Dornwood policies and procedures. Several steering committee members have been working on this document over the last weeks and at the meeting the document was approved unanimously. The approved document is available online on the bylaws page. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this document.

During this meeting plans were made for a listening tour on August 1, a birdhouse project and a ‘better park’ event at the end of summer. We will post more information about these exciting events soon! The steering committee also decided that every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month will be workdays in the park. On these days groups of volunteers will work in the park from 9a-12p. If you or your group would like to volunteer, please contact our volunteer coordinator.

Dornwood Park Now Offically 128 Acres

Over the years people have been inquiring just how big is Dornwood Park.  The City of Topeka listed correctly 111 acres.  That was the cities portion, which included the two baseball fields south of SE 25th St and the nature area.  In fact the park was used in the 70′s for hay production for the Topeka Zoo.  The upper prairie was call Elephant Field and grew a special grass especially for the Zoo elephants.  This area is being proposed for one of the future butterfly/bird gardens as well as a stroller/handicap/braille nature trail.

The Highland Park Baseball Association and USD 501 owned the property and baseball fields to the North of SE 25th St.  The HPBA owned 5.64 acres and USD 501 owned 11.2 acres.  In order to consolidate the park under County control the HPBA and USD501, negotiated the transfer of ownership.  This action did more than increase the size of the park, it brought the Friends of Dornwood Group to become a part of the Shawnee County Parks Foundation.  Thus Dornwood was assured of perpetual maintenance and development into the future.  The black line on the photo above shows the new park boundaries for the 128 acres.  Gage park is 160 acres by comparison so you can compare the emenseness of Dornwood.  It will take many volunteers and organizations to Bring Dornwood Back!  Find out more here!

FOD meeting – Saturday June 16th 9:30AM

Your invited to the FOD Meeting on Saturday June 16th 9:30AM at the Echo Ridge Community Center 2025 SE Market St. Topeka

The proposed agenda items will include:
  1. Adoption of the FOD Bylaws
  2. Report on Volunteers and the establishment of set Saturday Cleanups for Individuals or groups on a monthly basis.
  3. Planning for “Better Park” day for date later this summer.
  4. Planning for “Dornwood Listening Tour, Wednesday, August 1st at Deer Creek Park RV Park meeting room.
  5. Report and discussion on the Bird House project.
  6. Report on planned stroll with Bob Foster for Dornwood History
  7. Report and Discussion on Fund Raising for SCPRF with ASA Marketing
  8. Discussion of marketing items
  9. Other items
This is a great time for you to become familiar how FOD works and to meet the others who are involved to Bring Dornwood Back! FOD is a group of people who truly believe that “if it is to be it’s up to me” but know that by joining other like-minded people, the me flips to we and “Together We Can Do It”!  Hope to see you there and bring your ideas!

Let’s Play Ball with Lights and Scoreboards!

Copper thieves have been rampant throughout the nation and the city.  It was no different at Dornwood last year.  For the second time they struck and there was no money to replace the copper wire that these despicable thieves took. For a few dollars for themselves they hurt hundreds of kids who couldn’t play under the lights or with scoreboards that remained inoperative.   It is well know that there is no honor among thieves but the thieves of Dornwood are the most despicable of all.

The good news is that the SCP&R have rewired the lights, scoreboards and are making many other improvements. This $55,100 expenditure was a great start to Bring Dornwood Back!  Less expensive aluminum wire ($1.20 per lb) instead of  copper ($8.20 per lb) was used.  The wire was also buried to deter theft.  Increased surveillance by FOD, TPD, SCP&RPD, Highland Acres NIA, Citizens Patrol Coalition and many other groups have pledge increased support in being watchful.  Electronic surveillance devices have been proposed for the near future.

The real payoff is seen in the eyes of the youthful players.  The sparkle when they see that their team is winning.  The camaraderie of knowing that they can change the numbers on the scoreboard with just a good hit!  “The level of play increases when the scoreboards are used and the lights shine brightness into the evening” says one coach.  “It really improves all the programs at Dornwood and it is nice to Bring Dornwood Back!”  Come out and see for yourself…. you might be the first one to see a major league player of the future and not have to spend a dime…. unless you want to eat at the great concession stand.

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