Monthly Archives: July 2012

Friends of Dornwood elects executive committee

During the July meeting of the Friends of Dornwood the executive committee was elected. The executive committee will consist of:

  • President: Bob Schneider
  • Vice-President: Danielle Kruse
  • Secretary / Treasurer: Wiljan van Norel

The elected officers will serve through November 2013. Together with the representatives from the Highland Park Baseball Association, Dornwood Girls Softball League, Kansas Trails Council, Topeka Audubon Society and Highland Acres NIA the executive committee will form the Board of Directors.

Other items discussed at the meeting were the different membership types and the activities for the remainder of 2012. It was decided that the ‘listening tour’ that was initially scheduled on August 1, will be replaced by an event at the park in October. More information on this event will be announced soon.

Sunflower Hero: Bob Foster

Kansas First News selected Bob Foster as one of the Sonflower Heroes for the month of June. Bob Foster is a retired naturalist of the city of Topeka, many people might know him as ‘Cowboy Bob’. He gave tours through Dornwood Parks to 1000′s of people from the mid 70′s thru 2000. Kansas First News aired in interview with Bob on June 19. If you missed it, the item can be viewed online: Bob Foster Sunflower Hero.

You can vote on the KSNT website for your favorite sunflower hero. Each month $100 will be donated to a charitable organization of the winner’s choice. Click here (at the bottom of the page) to vote for your Sunflower Hero. Voting for Bob can be done till the end of July.

FOD Meeting Saturday July 21st 9:30AM Echo Ridge Center

The FOD will have its meetings and elections of officers this Saturday at 9:30AM at Echo Ridge Center 2025 SE Market St.

Proposed Agenda:

  1. Election of Officers President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasure.
Nominating committee recommends the following candidates:
  • President: Bob Schneider
  • V-President: Danille Krause
  • Sec/Treasure: TBD
The committee would like interested members to contact them via web-page or email if you would like to serve in the Sec/Treasurer position. Nominations will be taken from the floor, elected officers will serve through November 2013.
  1. Announcement of members of the FOD Board of Directors.
  2. Discussion and approval of the “marketing tag line”  to be used for the foreseeable future.
  3. Discussion on memberships classes, Partner Members, Sponsor Members as outlined in Section V of the Bylaws.
  4. Discussion and approval of marketing ideas for the remainder of 2012.
  5. Discussion and approval of tee shirts, and other purchased direct marketing items.
  6. Discussion and approval of plan to solicit associations, groups, companies to engage on one weekend per year on the cleanup schedule.
  7. Discussion and Planning of the Birdhouse Event for Fall with Topeka Audubon Society.
  8. Discussion and Planning of Event to honor Bob Foster and the nature trail of Dornwood.
  9. Discussion and Planning on when and how to honor other Dornwood Hero’s during the year.
  10. Discussion with SCPR on the initial long range planning for the nature area of the park.
  11. Other items