Monthly Archives: August 2012

FOD Donates New Equipment for Honeysuckle Eradication

 A new tool will be used in the battle of the honeysuckle at Dornwood and other Shawnee County Parks this fall.  An investigation showed a blower/sprayer, with proper chemicals and application has been successful in honeysuckle eradication around the state.   SCPR planned to purchase one of the units, but an anonymous FOD member donated $650 for a second unit to be used in Dornwood and other parks.  Both units have arrived and will be used later this Fall and early next Spring.  This will be a tremendous help in the clearing of the all trails, including the seven miles of mountain bike trails.  The donation of the unit doubles the amount of area covered and will help in the years ahead.  There will still need to be clearing of the dead brush from the 128 acre Dornwood in order for the native grasses to return faster.

Eradication of the evasive honeysuckle is going to be a continuing project.  FOD is happy to help start the project with this equipment donation and thanks the FOD member for their donation.  WORK…PLAY…DISCOVER DORNWOOD!


Friends of Dornwood selected as one of the Sunflower Heroes for the month of July!

In June Kansas First News selected Bob Foster, a retired naturalist of the city of Topeka with close ties to Dornwood Park, to be a Sunflower Hero. We are honored and excited to announce that this month Friends of Dornwood was selected as one of the heroes. We appreciate the support that Friends of Dornwood get from the community, government, businesses and the media. The item about Friends of Dornwood, featuring our President Bob Schneider and Vice President Danielle Kruse, was originally aired on July 24, 2012. To watch all the Sunflower Heroes from last month, please go to the KSNT website.

You can vote on the KSNT website for your favorite sunflower hero. Each month $100 will be donated to a charitable organization of the winner’s choice. Click here at the bottom of the page to vote. Voting for Friends of Dornwood can be done till the end of August.