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Birdhouse Adopter Guidlines Released

The guidlines for maintaining one of the fifty birdhouses to be placed in the park on Saturday October 20th as part of Discover Dornwood Days have been released and are printed below.  LIKE FOD on Facebook and you will find the exact time adoptions will start online on Monday October 1st.  There is no cost for the birdhouse but each adopter must meet the  rules and agree to the guidelines below.

Best Guidelines
For best care during nesting season (March through August), quickly, quietly and carefully check on nest boxes once or twice a week in the afternoon so you can identify and address any problems. Avoid monitoring in early morning, dusk, or during wet cold weather, or when young are close to fledging. A little carelessness can result in accidental destruction or parents deserting a nest. Feel free to notify FOD or TAS your house results via web and with your birdhouse number.

Minimum Guidelines
If you do NOTHING ELSE, please at least clean the box out at the end of the season (September) and make any repairs.
Please DO NOT let non-native house sparrows use the box as they will harm the native cavity nesters the box was intended to help.

Inspection Techniques
Just tap on the box and whistle or call, open the box carefully, take a quick peek inside, and close. Clean out the nest as soon as the baby birds fledge. If you aren’t sure when the young birds fledged, then don’t clean the nest as the parent birds may nest again within a few days. Avoid inhaling dust/detritus!  Dispose of the nest far away. It’s possible other cavity nesting birds such as chickadees or wrens may use the box and that is okay.

Additional information
There are many more things to know to be the best steward of your birdhouse, so please visit the website  These directions were compiled from website by the Topeka Audubon Society .  You are invited to join the TAS and find out much more about the over 121 species of birds identified in Dornwood Park.  Join the TAS email group through the TAS website.

To download these guidelines, click here: TAS Blue Bird House Adopter Guidelines

WIBW: Dornwood Park Gets A Facelift Thanks To Volunteers

Last Saturday, September 22, WIBW reported about the Youth Volunteer Corps members that helped us out in the park. You can watch the broadcast by clicking the link below.

Another WIBW item featuring YVC members that helped cleaning up the park can be watched here:

Park Cleanup and Birdhouse Painting Saturday 9/22

Saturday, September 22nd, 9AM till noon, FOD will have park cleanup and painting of more birdhouses for Discover Dornwood Days on October 20th.  We are thrilled to have the Youth Volunteer Corp of Topeka (YVC) to join us in this effort with their “cleanup carnival”.  You and your youth are invited also.  It will be a morning of fun, games and work.  Plan to join this great event as together we Discover Dornwood.  Remember EVERYONE is invited.  SEE YOU THERE!!

FOD is winner of July Sunflower Heroes

Kansas First News announced that FOD was the winner of the July Sunflower Heroes.  The winner was determinde by web vote of all the weekly July Sunflower Heroes selected.  FOD will receive $100 check from Certified Transmissions which is issued to each months winner.  FOD is proud that  Kansas First News promoted Dornwood and thanks Certified Transmissions who sponsor this wonderful way of recognizing individuals and organizations who make Kansas a better place to live.

Youth Volunteer Council of Topeka Paints Birdhouses

18 youth from the Youth Volunteer Council of Topeka and Deer Creek Apartments started painting the 50 birdhouses that will go up for adoption on October 1st.  These houses will be adopted at no charge, but must be installed and maintained by the adopter in Dornwood Park under the guidelines of the Topeka Audubon Society.

Discover Dornwood Day is Saturday, October 20th from 9:30AM till 3:30PM and will feature exhibition ball games, guided trail hikes, Better Park ideas and much more.  Don’t forget to mark the date, Saturday, October 20th.

Adoption information will be available at this website on Monday October 1st.  You don’t want to miss this great opportunity.

‘Discover Dornwood’ Day

Mark your calendars! On Saturday, October 20 Friends of Dornwood organizes the first ‘Discover Dornwood’ day. During this day you will be able to experience some of the best ideas for improvements of the park. As a highlight of the day, Friends of Dornwood, together with the Topeka Audubon Society will be providing an opportunity to adopt a bird house and place it in the park (free of charge!). For earliest information on the bird house project become a Friend on Facebook.   There will only be 50 birdhouses up for adoption.  The application will be posted on the web and announced on Facebook first. You, your family or organization will certainly want to be part of this exciting project in Discover Dornwood.

There are multiple other events planned for Discover Dornwood Day and the schedule will be posted soon.  Remember to keep the date Saturday October 20th, 9:30AM – 3:30PM to Discover Dornwood!