Monthly Archives: June 2013


FOD appointed a seven person Dornwood Complex Committee to develop with SCP&R staff a 5 year plan for the ball complex, nature area, mountain bike trails, and recreation areas.  The purpose is to submit to the SCP&R Advisory Board and the County Commisioners a workable plan to improve Dornwood in all areas of the park.  The FOD Board recognizes that after one year of the consolidation of the Topeka and Shawnee County P&R that it is time for the multifaceted Dornwood to have specific plans and funding to implement the FOD mission for the underserved park.

Public input will be encouraged in order to educate residents on how the park will help the community in the areas of youth resources, education, recreation and crime prevention.  If you are interested in having your voice heard as to the needs of Dornwood, please LIKE  Friends of Dornwood on FB and leave your comments on this website under contacts.  Please place FOD Improvements in the subject line.