Board of Directors

The FOD is governed by a Board of Directors. This board will consist of the FOD Executive Committee and a representative from Highland Park Baseball League, Dornwood Girls Softball Association, Kansas Trails Council, Topeka Audubon Society, and Highland Acres NIA.  The Director of Shawnee County Parks and Recreation, or their designee(s), shall be an ex-officio member(s) of the board of directors and executive committee.

Current officers and members of the Board of  Directors are:


  • Bob Schneider – President & Chair person Facility Committee
  • Danielle Kruse Thoele – Vice-President & Chair person Resource Committee
  • Wiljan van Norel - Secretary / Treasurer & Chair person Awareness Committee

Other Directors on the Board:

  • John Knight – Director of Shawnee County Parks and Recreation
  • Mike Rosencutter – Highland Park Baseball Association Representative
  • Brandi Snyder – Dornwood Girls Softball Association Representative
  • Russ Rupp – Kansas Trail Council Representative
  • Evelyn Davis – Topeka Audubon Society
  • Bev Schneider – Higland Acres NIA