Friends of Dornwood

Our goal

Today, Dornwood is thought of primarily as a baseball/softball facility, while 2.2 miles of nature trail, the 7 miles of Mountain Bike trails and one of the State of Kansas Bird Hot-spots are mostly forgotten. It is the goal of Friends of Dornwood (FOD) to develop Dornwood Park into a destination class facility, while being good stewards of the money that we are entrusted.  FOD will operate to insure that Dornwood will exist in an excellent state physically and financially for generations to come. FOD will use private and public funds to accomplish this goal.

FOD realizes that our most important assets are the volunteers and partnerships with associations that have differing interests provided by the uniqueness of Dornwood.  All partnerships will work together to make the Dornwood experience one to be remembered for a lifetime.

These partnerships between government and interested associations, schools, neighborhoods, businesses, faith based groups and individuals are the most vital component in attaining a world class facility while building a pride in our community.


With that overview and goal in mind, we adopt these principals to guide us in making recommendations for our future.

  • Volunteers are critical:  The solicitation and development of volunteers to supplement the Shawnee County Parks & Recreation (SCPR) staff is critical in developing and revitalizing Dornwood in a timely fashion.  These volunteers of all ages will instill pride and build relationships within in the neighborhoods and our community. Dornwood will become their park and they will take ownership of this fantastic park.
  • We will err on the side of collaboration:  Many want to partner with FOD.  Those partnerships extend to the many different areas of interest in Dornwood. These partnerships allow differing interests to add their expertise to develop unique areas of the Dornwood experience
  • We will keep listening:  Dornwood offers so many opportunities with its diverse topography, habitat from natural grass to hard wood trees, the baseball complex, bike and hiking trails, picnic and family play areas, future connection to Deer Creek Trail and Topeka Bike Ways. FOD will continually keep listening as to suggestions on ways to improve the Dornwood experience.